A rosé wine designed by wine experts to match spicy food is now ready for off-trade distribution.

The Portuguese wine, which was code-named 'Project Tikka Masala' when it was created two months ago, has now been given the brand name Pink Elephant. The wine was created by agency 10 International in conjunction with D&F Wine Shippers, and designed by 12 expert trade tasters.

"The whole purpose of this project was to match spicy foods in a way that no other wine has attempted," said Bill Rolfe, director of 10 International.

"This is why we invited 12 of the wine trade's best palates to take part in an intense food and wine-matching exercise and to recommend the definitive style."

The wine, which is priced at £4.99, is considered to be a perfect match for spicy foods but it will also be positioned as a standalone rosé, with women expected to be the predominant buyers, according to 10 International.