Source: Koko Dairy Free

The relaunched products have been released in new packaging to highlight the range as a ‘true alternative to dairy’

Koko Dairy Free has launched a new M!lk and Yogrt range with improved recipes and names closer to their dairy equivalents.

The brand’s relaunched coconut milk-based products have been released in new packaging to highlight the range as a “true alternative to dairy” which it hopes will help it appeal to a wider audience.

The Original M!lk (rsp: £1.80) has been reformulated to be low in sugar and a source of protein, while the Unsweetened M!lk (rsp: £1.80) is now high in protein and low in fat.

Koko said both lines had been developed to taste more like their dairy equivalents.

“Despite having a loyal consumer base, we realised there was some confusion over the taste of Koko products and what the brand stood for,” said Victora Eadon, marketing manager at Koko. “Fundamentally, we create plant-based products that are made from coconut but taste like dairy.”

“Our brand refresh reflects the taste profile of the product, dialling up the dairy-like taste cues and communicating this in a fun, energetic way to mirror Koko’s personality,” Eadon added.

“The dairy alternative category is more competitive than ever with some big players, and as an independently owned business, we are proud to continue to offer a fantastic range of products without compromising on allergens or taste,” said Eadon.

The new M!lk and Plain Yogrt (rsp: £2) lines will be available on retailer shelves in the coming weeks.

This comes as a potential ban on words like ‘mylk’, ‘sheese’ and ‘yogs’ to sell alt-dairy products has been proposed in new industry guidance.

As well as preventing use of the word ‘milk’ for plant-based products, updated guidelines have suggested also banning brand names and product name descriptors like ‘mylk’ and ‘m*lk’, plus statements such as ‘not milk’, marketing images that invoke milk, and use of terms such as ‘an alternative to x’ or ‘yoghurt-style’.