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The brand’s expansion to the UK follows a successful rollout in the Netherlands

The Flower Farm, a new palm oil-free margarine, has been launched in the UK for the first time in Booths.

The brand’s expansion to the UK follows a successful rollout in the Netherlands with listings secured in 15 major Dutch supermarkets including Albert Heijn.

The margarine replaces palm oil with shea butter and is 100% plant-based. It is also gluten and lactose-free.

Founder Marcel van Wing launched the brand out of his “personal love for the rainforest” and a desire to “preserve the planet for future generations” by protecting rainforests.

“As consumers become increasingly ecologically-minded, we want to work with UK retailers to make it easier for shoppers to opt for a palm oil-free alternative to traditional margarine, removing as many barriers as possible in terms of price, packaging and taste,” he added.

The shea butter used in The Flower Farm’s production is extracted from the nuts of the karité tree, two billion of which grow naturally in the African savanna with no deforestation required.

The Flower Farm has claimed it has saved approximately 560,000kg of palm oil, which would have taken 1.5 million square metres of land to grow.

“People play a fundamental role in the fight against rainforest deforestation,” said van Wing. “By switching to a palm oil-free margarine, one family of four people can save up to 17kg of palm in just one year – the equivalent of 44 square metres of palm oil plantation.”

It is described by the brand as being perfect for spreading and frying, and has a recommended retail price of £2.95 for 450g. It is also available in a Light alternative.