The Quorn Mini Sausage Rolls (rsp: £2.50/140g) will be available from January in the chiller aisle

Quorn has expanded its range ahead of Veganuary with a new chilled Mini Sausage Rolls line, plus three new frozen bagged SKUs.

The Quorn Mini Sausage Rolls (rsp: £2.50/140g) will be available across the mults from January in the chiller aisle.

“Shoppers love Quorn’s chilled snack range, and the new Mini Sausage Rolls, which are available in a handy resealable and recyclable tray, will open up the range to even more snacking and sharing occasions for even more shoppers,” said Gill Riley, marketing director at Quorn Foods UK.

It will be joined by two new additions to the bigger bags range in retail freezers; Quorn Vegetarian Steak Strips (rsp: £3.50/500g) and Swedish Style Balls (rsp: £3.50/501g).

Quorn Burgers (rsp: £2.50/300g) will also be available in the frozen aisle from the new year, which the brand has said will provide shoppers with “more options when looking at budget meal planning”.

“These launches provide retailers with a real opportunity to drive sales with products that are synonymous with quality, taste, sustainability and value for money,” added Riley.

The leading plant-based brand has timed the launches with the start of Veganuary which, according to Riley, is “the highest penetration month in meat-free”, and with more people attempting to save money the brand is demonstrating its cost-effective options.

“Our big bags are perfect for those families looking to fill the freezer with delicious meat-free products, suitable for a range of different meals and occasions, minimising wastage and maximising value,” explained Riley.

Quorn Mini Sausage Rolls, 30 Swedish Style Balls and Six Burgers will be available in Sainsbury’s and Morrisons from January.