Source: Rubies in the Rubble

The mayos are made with aquafaba in the place of egg whites

Plant-based condiments brand Rubies in the Rubble has won listings for its new mayo duo in Waitrose.

The brand, which uses aquafaba (the water drained from chickpeas or water in which legumes have been cooked) in place of egg whites, has launched a duo of flavours – Chilli and Classic – into the retailer (rsp: £2.99/340g). 

Billed as the product of a year’s development, they are made by whisking the aquafaba with rapeseed oil, salt, lemon and Dijon mustard for the classic mayo, with added chipotle chilli for the spicier SKU.

The brand said they had ”all the satisfying creaminess and sultry texture of regular mayo”.

They will be sold in the retailer’s condiments fixture, rather than its free-from fixture. ”We think this is the right move, as we target flexi-vegans (we want to be a great mayo, not just a great vegan mayo), however it does leave me questioning the future role of the free from bays,” said the brand’s marketing manager Lucy Squires.

Rubies, which makes a wide range of condiments such as ketchup and relish from surplus ingredients that would otherwise go to waste, “started experimenting with mayo recipes after discovering that every year houmous manufacturers empty gallons of aquafaba from cooking chickpeas down the sink when making houmous”.