Shaken Other lineup

Source: Shaken Udder 

The brand has launched Shaken Other, a pair of coconut-based drinks in strawberry and chocolate flavours

Flavoured milk brand Shaken Udder has taken its first steps into plant-based dairy alternatives, with the launch of Shaken Other, a pair of coconut milk-based drinks.

The brand said the UK-produced NPD, which started rolling out into Tesco late last month, would target the estimated 25 million flexitarians in the UK.

Made using ethically-sourced coconut milk and free from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, the drink is available in chocolate and strawberry flavours in 330ml single bottles (rsp: £1.60).

Shaken Udder said the range came in at just 60kcals per 100ml, contained less than 5% added sugar and was gluten-free. They were also high in calcium, vitamin D and iodine.

The brand is also planning to launch more Shaken Other flavours and larger formats, as well as entering other product categories, and would go on sale in other retailers later this year.

“The inspiration for the name came from the challenge that ‘Udder’ was so strongly associated with milk that it didn’t fit. So Shaken Other was born,” said the brand’s co-founder Andy Howie.

“We wanted to reassure our loyal consumers of our commitment to flavour whilst also being clear that this is a milk alternative. ‘Other’ is a fun play on words to ‘Udder’ and the packaging has retained the recognisable premium look and feel,” he added.

“Packed with real ingredients and a coconut milk base, our range delivers uncompromising taste for anyone who can’t drink dairy, chooses not to, or just fancies a change,” Howie said.