Plum is moving out of the baby aisle for the first time and into the chiller cabinet with a new fromage frais.

Developed for babies from four months, the dessert pots contain “baby botanicals” such as sweet fennel, rosehip and chamomile. Fennel is a digestive aid and for a long time was used to ease infant colic, while rosehip is an antioxidant, and chamomile can help aid sleep.

Plum founder Sue Willis said the inspiration for the range came from the Plum Mum online fan club.

“Knowing that fromage frais is a firm favourite with their children, we are giving parents something they have been crying out for - an all-natural, highly nutritious and great-tasting product,” she said.

The six packs of peach & sweet fennel, strawberry & chamomile and raspberry & rosehip will retail for £1.99. They contain no “nasties” and are made to a traditional French method for a “rich texture”.