Plum baby

Plum’s line-up of products will roll out to the UK from 4 November

US supplier Plum Inc is to roll out some of its bestselling products to the UK - including Greek-style yoghurt and ancient grain mixes for babies.

The recipes are being launched under British organic babyfood brand Plum and will roll out to Tesco on 4 November ahead of other retailers from January 2014. Buckinghamshire-based Plum was acquired by Plum Inc this January, and had no previous connection with the US business.

Among the new ambient lines, described by Plum as its biggest launch to date, are Greek-style yoghurts in flavours including raspberry & spinach, and kale & apple (rsp: 99p/85g).

Plum is also rolling out Wholegrain Blends made from a mix of fruit and vegetables with ancient grains (rsp: 99p/100g). The three-strong range comprises courgette, banana & amaranth plum, strawberry & barley and blueberry, parsnip and buckwheat. The launch follows growing interest from food suppliers in ancient grains - although Plum pointed out that all its recipes had included quinoa, one of the most popular ancient grains, since the business launched in 2006.

Little Yums, packs of six individual servings of three wafer snacks (rsp: £2.49), is also being added to the line-up.

All the recipes feature a new pack design that will be rolled out across the entire range next year and focuses on the ingredients in each recipe.

“We remain committed to feeding babies exciting flavour combinations to encourage a broad palate and reduce fussiness,” said Plum MD Scott Wotherspoon.