Poundland has started selling Hollywood blockbuster films on DVD as part of its Replay range.

The discounter will be hoping DVD sales will ­emulate the success of its Replay range of pre-owned but fully refurbished CDs, which have flown off the shelves since Poundland launched the range in ­dedicated 'Entertainment Zones' 12 months ago. Stores have reported double-digit rises in CD sales year-on-year and customers have been enthusiastic. On its Facebook page, the discounter boasts it will have "loads of new ­titles in every week".

The Grocer revealed last month that CDs were supplied to Poundland by Entertainment Magpie, which advertises on TV to the public to send in CDs, DVDs and video games. It pays an average of 30p per CD. It is understood Entertainment Magpie is also supplying the DVDs.

The addition of DVDs is a further indication of Poundland moving into HMV territory which has even seen Poundland take over the former HMV store in Hammersmith, London.

'Entertainment Zones' could also form a major part of its new Dealz stores in Ireland, which are not tied down to a fixed price point. This could see the Dealz stores, set to open in October, increase the range to include pricier pre-owned video games.