World Cup fever is set to sweep Poundland in April.

The fixed-price discount retailer will throw its full support behind the England football team with a range of goods for the World Cup across a number of categories, including party accessories, toys, car accessories, stationery and food and drink.

Products emblazoned with the St George's Cross will include footballs, air horns, cowboy hats, bunting, nodding dogs and cuddly lions.

The products will be highlighted in-store through PoS material, gondola end heads, shelf strips and posters and will be supported by activity on Twitter and Facebook. The full range will be available in stores from 12 April.

Poundland's recent promotions for Valentine's Day saw cards and teddy bears joined by more risqué items such as nipple tassles, 'love cuffs' and a posing pouch that looked like a bull's head.