Premier Foods is saving snackers the task of adding extra sauce to its Batchelors Super Noodles with its latest brand extension.

Saucy Super Noodles, rolling out now, comes with an additional sauce sachet to create a fuller flavour, together with a bigger sachet of seasoning than the regular version.

Available in chicken with tomato & herb sauce, beef with BBQ sauce, chow mein with Chinese sauce, and curry with mango sauce (rsp: 69p per 105g pack), the range is free of artificial colours and preservatives. "Research showed many consumers are adding sauce to Super Noodles to add even more flavour, so we decided to launch Super Saucy," said Sarah Fordy, senior brand manager.

Sales of the brand grew 11% to £39.6m last year [IRI]. It faces stiff competition from Symington's Golden Wonder: The Nation's New Noodle on the Block, which launched in November 2009.