Meat and fish prices continue their inexorable rise with a third consecutive increase, making the basket the most expensive it has been since the survey began more than three years ago. Beef, lamb and pork prices were all up, with only whole chicken 5p/kg cheaper. The biggest change was on lamb leg joints, which rose in price at three of the major retailers. Pig farmers will be hoping to benefit from the first rise in pork and bacon prices since September, with three of the four major retailers recording increases in the price of pork chops, and only Asda staying at the same level as six weeks ago. The average pork price rose 30p/kg, with bacon also up 16p per pack. However, sausages prices remained static, having seen no increase since last September. Fresh beef rump steak and beef steak mince added value to the category for the second basket in a row, with rump steak up 38p/kg and mince up 10p/kg. On rump steak, three retailers bowed to supplier pressure over the rising cost of fuel and feed, with only Morrisons cutting prices, though Morrisons was one of two retailers that raised mince prices. Rump steak and mince prices are now at their highest level in three years. The basket is 3.8% more expensive than at this time last year, 19.1% more than two years ago and 15% more than three years ago.