The price of our basket of meat and fish fell for only the third time this year, recording its biggest change since July and its biggest fall since March. It's now 0.9% cheaper than in the previous survey four weeks ago, but still 9.7% more expensive than at this time last year.

All four price changes were falls, the greatest being own label breaded cod, which recorded a 4.4% drop following reductions in all of the big four retailers. It's now at its lowest price since April, and 4.4% less expensive than it was this time last year.

Industry insiders believe cod prices are rising, and retailer competition is behind the recorded fall. They would prefer to see a greater emphasis on promoting alternative white fish species from sustainable sources.

The price of own label large chicken fell for the first time since the June basket and is now 2.1% less expensive than in the previous survey. Own label lamb leg joints fell in price 2% over the past four weeks, and chicken breast fillets 0.1%.

Nine of the 10 items are now more expensive than at this time last year. The biggest change has been the price of beef rump steak, which is 23.5% more expensive, followed by salmon steaks, which are 19% higher in price. Lean beef steak mince is up 13.5%, cheapest pork chops 13%, bacon 12.7%, pork sausages 10.2%, lamb leg joints 5.6%, chicken breast fillets 4.5% and large chickens 0.5%. Only breaded cod fell in price over the year, by 4.4%.