It has been over two months since Morrisons provided the cheapest shopping basket, but its price cuts, especially on wine, have made the retailer this week's champions with a £42.23 basket. Morrisons' wine promotion was in the papers this week with a host of special offers. This included the Hardys Stamp Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon, which was £3.98 this week - £2 less than last week. This price cut proved decisive in landing Morrisons the cheapest basket. Its carrots were also down from 79p to 49p. Asda has moved up to second position with a £43.75 basket total. Every item on Asda's list was either equivalent to or cheaper than Morrisons' prices, aside from Hardys Stamp wine, carrots and the Walkers Crisps Variety Pack, which were all significantly cheaper at Morrisons, helping it clinch the award. There hasn't been much daylight between the basket totals lately, but this week the gap has noticeably widened. Tesco, last week's winner, is the third-cheapest retailer with a £44.98 basket. It increased the price of its Dolmio Bolognese Original Sauce from £1 to £1.24 but although Tesco offered the largest size of own-label mature cheddar, it was still the cheapest on the list. Sainsbury's is in fourth position again and made few price cuts this week. It raised the price of its loose broccoli from £1.28 to £1.59. Waitrose has been striving to match the prices of its branded items to those of the cheaper retailers. For example, its Dolmio sauce, Fairy washing up liquid and Birds Eye Garden Peas are priced the same at Morrisons, but the Walkers Crisps Variety Pack was still most expensive at Waitrose. At £51.19, Somerfield's basket total was only 38p more than Waitrose. However, this week's most expensive retailer managed to provide two of the cheapest items on the list. It cut the price of the Kellogg's Variety Pack from £1.92 to £1.28 to make it the cheapest on the survey and the own-label smooth peanut butter was reduced from 70p to 56p this week.