Asda has kept Morrisons at bay for a second week after slashing the price of its fresh vegetables. Asda's £42.09 basket contained six of the cheapest products on the survey including Dolmio Bolognese sauce and the 6-pack of kiwi fruit. Asda crucially lowered its broccoli - a product that has generally increased in price since the flooding - by £1 to make it the cheapest on the list. Its bagged iceberg lettuce was also 30p less this week. Asda had 11 of the cheapest items on last week's list but only six this week and it hasn't made as many price cuts as last week, either. Morrisons has climbed two places to become the second-cheapest retailer with a £42.62 basket. It provided the cheapest antibacterial handwash, bagged iceberg lettuce and in-store wholemeal loaf and 16 of its products matched Asda's prices. Morrisons also added 18p to its Dolmio sauce. Sainsbury's has been knocked down to third position but also matched 16 items to Asda's prices. Its £44.88 basket included the cheapest own label olive oil on the list at £1.92. Tesco knocked a few pennies off its Cadbury milk chocolate fingers and long grain rice but its £45.14 basket was still pricy enough to relegate it to fourth position. It did, however, provide the cheapest new potatoes - although they were only a penny less than Morrisons' price. Waitrose has also done enough to save it from becoming the most expensive retailer. It cut 20p off the price of broccoli - though its £3.09 price tag was still dear compared with the cheaper retailers. However, it couldn't keep Dolmio sauce at £1.24 any longer and increased it to £1.42. But Waitrose provided the cheapest white seedless grapes on the list at £1.99. Somerfield offered the next cheapest price. With 16 of the most expensive products on the survey, Somerfield is once again the priciest retailer with a £50.26 basket. Apart from the white seedless grapes, which actually went up by 22p, it made no notable price cuts elsewhere.