Despite hefty price cuts at Morrisons, Asda has returned after a three-week absence from the top spot to reclaim the title of cheapest retailer. Asda undercut Morrisons on 13 items, the most significant of which was Cathedral City Cheddar: £1 compared with £1.67 at Morrisons and the rest of the big four. Asda's £46.69 basket also contained the cheapest Cadbury Dairy Milk and Andrex toilet roll. Sainsbury's, Somerfield and Waitrose upped the price of Kellogg's Corn Flakes by 26p and Tesco added 27p to a box this week, but Asda reduced them by 28p to £1.41 - the cheapest on the list. The price difference between cheapest retailer and runner up was bigger this week than it has been for more than a month, with Morrisons' basket 78p dearer than Asda's. However, Morrisons cut the price of Stella Artois by 50p to £3.77 - the lowest on the list - and reduced its grapes by £1, although this just matched the prices at Asda and Tesco. Branston pickle was cheapest at Morrisons, as was the gammon at £4.99, while Asda upped its gammon to £5.31. Sainsbury's nudged Tesco back to fourth place. It matched Asda and Morrisons' £1.66 price for washing powder, while Tesco offered it for £2.43 - the priciest on the list. Sainsbury's and Tesco had the same prices for 22 items and Tesco's basket total was only 10p more than Sainsbury's, so this price difference proved significant. Tesco took 22p off its peanut butter to make it the joint cheapest with Sainsbury's and its Diet Cola was also the list's cheapest at 37p. However, it raised the price of Kellogg's Corn Flakes by 27p and strawberry jam by 10p. Somerfield took the priciest retailer spot from Waitrose this week. Although it reduced the Old El Paso dinner kit from £3.07 to £2 and lowered the price of its washing powder to £1 to make both the cheapest on the list, Somerfield provided 16 of the highest prices compared with seven at Waitrose.