This week Morrisons and Sainsbury's followed in Asda's footsteps by raising the price of Jacob's Creek Chardonnay by 33%. Last week Asda hiked the wine's price by the same amount, signalling the end of Christmas alcohol promotions.

This week Morrisons raised no fewer than seven prices including the price of Hardy's Stamp Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon, by 45% and Walkers crisps variety packs by 50%.

Meanwhile Somerfield kept to its promise of lowering prices by slashing the cost of five items. There was 50% off 8-packs of Danone Actimel Original and 49% off Aunt Bessie's Homestyle mashed potato.

Elsewhere Tesco cut the price of 6-packs of Kingsmill Crumpets by 50% and reduced Heinz WeightWatchers Ready Meals also by 50%. Asda provided the cheapest of our shoppers' baskets at £38.17 with Sainsbury's in second place for the second week in a row with a basket cost of £38.32.

Morrisons came third at £38.64 with Tesco the fourth-cheapest at £38.99. Somerfield came in fifth with a basket price of £45.27 and Waitrose was the most expensive at £45.97.

There was heavy promotional activity in stores, too. Sainsbury's led the way by offering deals on six items on our mystery shopper's list, including two for £3 on Lynx shower gel and two for £7 on 4-packs of Stella Artois.

Tesco was not far behind, offering our shopper deals on four items on her list. Somerfield was offering two Dolmio Bolognese Original Sauce for £2 and a bogof on Pringles.

Waitrose also joined in the promotional activity by offering two Lynx shower gels for £3.50 and two 4-packs of Stella for £7.

Asda offered 25% extra free on Aquafresh Mint Toothpaste and three tubs of own-label houmous for £2 as well as six tins of Heinz ready-to-serve tomato soup for £2.

And it would appear that the Christmas parsnip war is over, with Morrisons raising the price of a kilogramme by 40p since last week and Asda increasing it by 39p.