sainsbury's meal deal sandwiches

Price is a key factor in dissuading consumers from making healthier choices, according to a report released by Him.

The Future of Convenience 2018 found that while over a third of shoppers rate healthy products as important, three-quarters (74%) say that price plays a key role in their decision-making.

Demand for healthy products is high among consumers, with 39% and 41% of shoppers in the lower and higher socioeconomic categories respectively seeing them as important or very important.

Moreover, 27% of shoppers also want to see healthier options in meal deals.

However, Him cited a Which Report, which found that three out of 10 shoppers say they struggle to eat healthily because they perceive it as more expensive.

Him advocates more promotions on healthy foods and cross-category promotions involving healthy items such as salad, based on their findings that as many as one in five convenience shoppers buy something on promotion when in store.

It also suggests building stronger relationships with local fruit & veg suppliers to reduce procurement costs, cutting prices for customers.

Earlier this month, Tesco CEO Dave Lewis launched a five-year plan with three leading UK charities to encourage customers to eat healthier. He said that higher prices discouraged shoppers from buying healthier options, and called on suppliers to cut the costs of healthier products to the consumer.