The Moulton Bulb Company has set its sights on supplying processed onion to major multiples.

It has just refurbished a 1350 sq m plant in Lincolnshire to cut and pack onions and is already supplying 15 tonnes a week to Waitrose and the manufacturing sector.

Moulton, which also supplies Waitrose with its fresh onion and garlic, is installing robotic onion peelers to speed up the line.

"We looked at what was on shelf in the other retailers and saw it wasn't up to scratch. We think we can do better," said director Robert Oldershaw Jnr.

"Our point of difference is the freshness and shelf life of our processed onions.

"We do things slightly differently so there's less water in the pack and the onions last longer."

Shelf life was seven or eight days, instead of the standard five, he said, adding that a 10-day shelf life could be achieved. The company can raise production fourfold at its current site but is planning expansion of production.