British Chicken Marketing’s promotional activity has been so successful that virtually 100% of the chicken processing sector has now subscribed to the organisation.
At the beginning of April, BCM ran Roast a British Chicken Weekend, an initiative involving all major retailers. The promotion was deemed a success, with TNS data showing that value and volume sales of whole birds - the key focus of the campaign - rose 2.3% in April, compared with March.
This has prompted key chicken processors Faccenda and Lloyd Maunder - both of whom had previously declined to support the body - to come on board BCM, which relies on voluntary contributions for its
activities. Previously, the body had only 69% of the industry signed up.
BCM marketing director Ruth Griffiths, who is also marketing controller at Grampian Country Food Group, said BCM working in close co-operation with retailers had been key to the campaign’s success. “We have proved that it is the right strategy to engage with consumers at the point of purchase.”
She added: “We now have the support of 100% of the industry that’s in Assured Chicken Production.”
In the next stage of the campaign, BCM is to host barbecues in supermarket carparks around the country. These events will again involve all the major retailers and will run for eight weeks from the end of this month.
BCM chairman Charles Bourns said he believed that with the extra support garnered from the processing industry, BCM’s marketing budget could double to £1m for 2006. As the campaign progressed, he said, its focus was likely to switch to emphasising that British chicken was fresh and produced locally.
Future plans for BCM would be discussed at a meeting in July, Bourns added.
Richard Clarke