Loyd Grossman Pan Melts

lloyd grossman pan melts

Who: Premier Foods

What: Loyd Grossman Pan Melts - Mediterranean Tomato, Sweet Red Pepper & Smoky Paprika

Where: Ambient cooking sauces

When: Launched May 2015

How much: Rsp £1.69 for 2x38g pots

Why: Introduced alongside three other flavours - Wild Mushroom & Creamy Mascarpone; Crushed Basil, Garlic & Rich Parmesan; and Italian Sundried Tomato & Creamy Ricotta - these Pan Melts use unique technology, according to brand owner Premier Foods. Claiming to provide something closer to a glaze than a sauce, they would attract consumers that didn’t previously buy cooking sauces, said the supplier, which has embraced the Melts format for brands including Bisto, Sharwood’s and, as of this month, Oxo.

Consumer verdict: Although the Loyd Grossman brand and attractive packaging created reasonable interest before trial, most tasters were disappointed with the result, with many commenting that a single pot didn’t deliver enough flavour. Almost two-thirds thought it brought something new to the category, and many were impressed with its convenience - but the consensus was that there were better products on the market, and just 6% thought they would buy regularly.

Pre-trial purchase: 35%

Post-trial purchase: 15%

Better than what’s out there: 13%

New and different: 63%

Overall score: 29/50



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