magnum no added sugar vanilla caramel

Source: Magnum

Who: Unilever

What: Magnum No Added Sugar Vanilla Caramel sticks

Where: Ice cream

How much: £3.89/270ml

Why: This launch from Unilever’s Magnum brand is billed as tapping demand from health-conscious consumers, with 154 calories per stick. It was expected to appeal to dieters and those watching their sugar intake as well as anyone looking for a ‘guilt-free’ snack. And Magnum’s not the only big brand cracking down on sugar: last year Dairy Milk made the headlines with the launch of a pioneering 30% less sugar bar.

Consumer verdict: For many shoppers the taste was not compromised by the lack of added sugar, with one saying it “tastes like absolute luxury” and another saying it “tastes the same as the classic”. Others said it was “helpful when on a diet” and “very good for diabetics”. Some shoppers were put off by the price point, saying it was “nice but expensive” and “could not afford to pay full price so would only buy on special offer”.

Pre-trial purchase: 70%

Post-trial purchase: 40%

Better than what’s out there: 68%

Exciting new idea: 62%

Overall score: 38/50