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Who: Pieminister

What: Moo & Brew Beef Steak & Craft Ale with a Herby Potato Top Pie Pot

Where: Chilled meals

When: Launched November 2014

How much:£3/370g

Why: Aimed at consumers who might find traditional pies too heavy - and going some way to mitigating health concerns over pies - Pieminister rolled out some existing pie flavours in this new Pie Pot format with potato topping instead of pastry. The four varieties are Matador (steak & chorizo), Cheeky Chick (chicken, white wine & leek), vegetarian Meany Bean (mixed bean, butternut squash & chilli), and Moo & Brew.

Consumer verdict: This microwaveable, single-serve ‘pie’ was seen as attractively presented with good chiller standout. Those in the North were very impressed and scored it 49 out of 50 compared with 32 in both the Midlands and the South. While some praised the high quality, some felt it lacked meat, and others that the term ‘pie’ was misleading. The premium price was also a concern. However, the pie was considered novel and a viable option as part of a midweek meal. Four in 10 testers said they would consider buying at least monthly, although 22% said it was not for them.

Pre-trial purchase: 41%

Post-trial purchase: 48%

Better than what’s out there: 51%

New and different: 72%

Overall score:  37/50

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