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Who: Tesco

What: Shredded Salt beef

Where: Chilled aisle

When: Launched September 2014

How much: £2/110g

Why: US-style meat products such as shredded beef and pulled pork are all the rage right now - Pulled Pork in a Sticky BBQ Sauce was even declared the winning crisp flavour in Walkers’ Do Us A Flavour campaign in October. Brands have ridden the wave of interest with pre-packed meat, and in September Tesco launched an own-label product - a 110g pack of chilled shredded salt beef that can be served hot or cold as a sandwich filler, in a salad or as a recipe ingredient.

Consumer verdict: Although this was considered ‘new and different’ by nearly two thirds of respondents, initial reception was muted, with pre-trial purchase interest below the category average, and some felt the ‘boring’ pack would fail to attract the eye. The product was heated in a microwave before being tasted and achieved close to the average ratings for the category. While the saltiness divided opinion, the versatility impressed. Purchase intent rose to more than twice the pre-trial level and nearly half claimed they would consider an ‘occasional’ purchase.

Pre-trial purchase: 20%

Post-trial purchase: 51%

Better than what’s out there: 53%

New and different: 65%

Overall score: 36/50

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