Only three full baskets were checked in this week and Asda had the cheapest at £37.10.
Special promotions were responsible for two out of stocks in our weekly shop.
There was no 100g Nescafé ¡t Waitrose because the 15%-off deal had wiped stock off the shelf.
Meanwhile, two-litre Diet Coke on a two-for-£2.09 offer cleared the shelves at Tesco, Heswall. However our shopper was told that a delivery was due overnight in time for the Saturday rush.
This store fared worst for out of stocks, with sausages and pasta missing as well.
Tesco at Consett also had no 500g packs of pasta and staff said the reason was because of a supply glitch.
Safeway's new look mega store at Anniesland Cross received its first visit, as did Morrisons' newest store at Grays, and both shoppers were impressed.
The only downside at Morrisons were the two out of stocks ­ Dolmio pasta sauce and Hovis wholemeal, plus only large free range eggs were available.
Tesco at Heswall also had only free range eggs but, priced at 82p and 88p respectively, both stores offered good buys.
At Somerfield our shopper was told there were 21 lines out of stock because of a fire at its depot, but we only missed out on one, which was the lean beef mince.
Here our shopper was overcharged for apples. Instead of 45p/454g for New Zealand Braeburn, the charge made was 69p/454g.
Pricing was a little confusing elsewhere. For instance at Tesco, Heswall, price-marked bacon packs stated £1.68 but the price at the checkout was £1.48 ­ 20p in our shopper's favour.
Similarly Asda four-packs of Andrex were price-marked £1.55 but charged £1.54 at the checkout.

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