Lewisham Station Commuter Focused Costa Coffee store

Source: Costa

The first store opened in a former station manager’s office at Lewisham Station last week

Costa is aiming to make commuters’ morning coffee quicker and more convenient with eight new concept stores.

The mini-format stores, set to open at railway stations across London over the next six months, will have specially designed layouts and ordering systems aimed at getting customers in and out of the store in minutes.

“In today’s busy, fast-paced world, our customers want to ensure they can get their Costa Coffee fix, even if they are hurrying to work,” said Costa head of global store propositions & design Connie Emerson.

“Our new mini-stores have been designed to offer customers a beautiful barista handcrafted Costa Coffee quickly and conveniently, taking any stress out of grabbing that much-needed Costa.”

All eight stores will be takeaway only and some will feature self-service ordering screens. Customers will also have the option of using the coffee chain’s recently-launched mobile ordering service, available through the free Costa Coffee club app.

The first store, housed in a former station manager’s office at Lewisham Station, London, opened over the bank holiday weekend (24 August).