Tesco has launched what it is billing as a new “ultra convenient” format in London, with its Metro store in Hammersmith’s subway complex featuring a reduced range focused on commuters and shoppers on the go.

The retailer said it had streamlined its range at the store to concentrate on meals popular with the largely office worker demographic in the area as well as bringing in 10 contactless self-service checkouts at the store.

Tesco said the checkouts were aimed at slashing queuing times for the many office workers and commuters in the area.

The food-to-go offer, which has been brought to the front of the store, includes a major focus on sandwich meal deals, pre-packed sushi and salads, as well as salad and a hot food bar.

The store will also have a much greater focus on ready meals than previous Metro stores in the capital. “This is the most ultra convenient store we have yet rolled out,” said a Tesco spokeswoman, who explained it was part of a wider move to target stores to their surrounding areas.

Other stores in London such as Canary Wharf, Tooley Street and Regent Street have a high proportion of food on the go shoppers and the retailer said it was increasingly gearing its offer to target the local communities its stores serve, rather than trying to carry a universal range.

“We have nearly 500 stores in the city and through local knowledge and Clubcard data, we’ve built up a great picture of what our customers want from us,” said Tesco London managing director Andrew Yaxley.

“For stores that serve a lot of commuters we are focusing on food that can be grabbed on the go, but in more cosmopolitan areas we might have more world foods or scratch cooking ingredients. It’s a real challenge to get it right for customers, but also a real opportunity.”