Can’t act? Don’t worry. Wooden acting skills could be a distinct advantage in a new campaign being launched next weekend to engage consumers with the Dolmio pasta sauce brand.

Mars is inviting members of the public to Do It Like Dolmio by uploading videos of themselves impersonating the Dolmio puppets. The impressions will be voted for by the public on YouTube or the brand’s website and the most popular acts will appear in ads on primetime television next month.

Mars is investing £2.7m in the six-week campaign, which will feature impressionist Jon Culshaw and include print and in-store activity. Dolmio is not the first brand to involve members of the public in its adverts. Milkybar and Cadbury’s Spots v Stripes have ongoing campaigns and one of the best-known campaigns was The Oxo Factor, which invited people to make their own versions of the Oxo Family ad.

“This kind of advertising enables consumers to engage with the brand on a more personal and effective communication platform and allows for a deeper relationship to develop often increasing brand loyalty.” said Mars customer marketing manager Wendy Wing. “We are looking to involve consumers in the Dolmio way of life through providing a lighthearted and fun communications campaign.”

The interactive nature of the campaign was more suited to an “intensive” ­six-week stretch instead of a longer-running push, she added. “The campaign has many elements, one being a competition. To have this run any longer than six weeks would dilute consumer ­interest.”