Producer: Quickes Traditional
Region: Devon
Created: 2011

What’s your story? “This cheese was very much inspired by our goats Cheddar, which has proved very successful,” says cheesemaker Malcolm Mitchell (below). “It represents both tradition and heritage from Mary Quicke, whose family have been on the farm since the 1540s, but reminds everyone here and abroad that we still have our finger on the pulse to create new and exciting cheeses.”

Why is your cheese a regional gem? “We are passionate about finding the perfect milk to make our cheese. Uniquely for British sheep’s milk cheeses, ours has no fleeciness - eating it is not like licking the lanolin pot but more like a British cloth-wrapped take on a Manchego.”

The Grocer says: We fell head over heels for this nutty, moist and utterly delicious Cheddar, which we think has real potential to change people’s perceptions of sheep’s milk cheese and take it to a wider audience. Quickes is currently crowd-sourcing a name for the cheese through social media - we love that the family’s heritage goes back to the Tudor period, and suggest they call it Chewdor.