Palmer & Harvey McLane is restructuring its operations to help it focus on new business opportunities. The wholesaler's chairman, Christopher Adams, said it would be a family of businesses in three divisions. He said one would look after the company's distribution activities, including newly acquired Winerite. The second division will look after all retail services, such as YP Electronics, symbol groups and e-commerce. "The objective of this group of companies will be to provide added value services to retailers," said Adams. The third division will look at how best to exploit direct sales to retailers following the recent acquisition of the Snacksdirect van sales business from KP. "We want to look at other product categories to see what opportunities exist there," said Adams. "We will be announcing management changes within the next month or so to reflect the new structure." But Adams made it clear no more acquisitions were in the pipeline. "Where the economic route to market is to acquire, then we will acquire," he said. "But we have no immediate plans to buy anything. My immediate plan is to restructure the business to reflect the acquisitions made and the business opportunities." {{NEWS }}