Double-yellow risks

Anoop Gakhal

Gak's wine

South Woodford

Size: 1,000 sq ft

""There's plenty of space outside the shop as we're at the end of a parade of shops. We do have some deliveries two or three times a week, but parking isn't an issue for us. There are no specific rules outside the shop and a lot of customers park down a side road and come in.

"Saying that, the council is looking to put double-yellow lines along it instead of the single yellow line that's there at the moment, which could pose a problem. I don't know if customers will risk parking on a double yellow.

"There are a few businesses who park down there but rule changes mean it could be difficult for them. The change to double yellows won't affect us because delivery vans don't use that road anyway."

No real enforcement

Stephen Everett

Cheers Off-Licence

Goffs Oak

Size: 600 sq ft

""There's plenty of space outside the shop but about 18 months ago, we requested timed parking for one hour outside the premises. People were parking there and then going to the pub and leaving their cars there all weekend, which wasn't good as it meant there wasn't much room for our customers. We have deliveries coming in but the time restrictions don't affect them as they're not parked there for long. The problem is that the council doesn't send anyone along to check how long people have been parked there, so there's no enforcement. What we need is a traffic warden who will actually enforce the rules that rules that have been put in place. Rules are meaningless if they aren't enforced - it won't make our lives easier. "We're not worried