King Oscar Brisling, one of the most prominent canned fish brands during the sixties, is planning a comeback in the UK. The Norwegian brand disappeared from UK shelves during the 'seventies after the UK joined the EU in 1972. Duties imposed on non EU countries such as Norway made it uneconomical to trade with the UK. But now fiscal conditions have eased the return of the brand. Frode Faeroy, regional marketing manager for Western Europe at Norway Foods, said: "Taxes are now at an acceptable level so this is the right time to come back to the UK." The first retail target is independent health food stores and delicatessens and the company began a distribution drive earlier this year. Faeroy said the aim was to get listings with the multiples within the next year, adding that the company had already made inroads with Waitrose. He said: "We want to go to the health trade first to get across the health message [that it is full of nutrients such as iron, vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids] and follow up with mainstream distribution." The fish in King Oscar Brisling ­ which is a market leading brand in the US, Australia and Japan ­ is smaller than the sardine and is caught in the fiords of Norway. It comes in three versions ­ in spring water or tomato sauce (rsp: £1.25) or in olive oil with garlic (rsp: £1.49). The Foodfinders has been appointed to handle distribution in independents, wholesalers and cash and carries. {{MARKETING - P&P }}