A plan to revamp a leading Scottish brand has paid off, bosses at Grampian claimed.
The relaunch of the Hall’s pork brand has seen its sausage market share climb from 9% two years ago to 15.4% in value, the company said, with retail sales up from £19m to £22m.
The brand’s market share is now at a record high since Grampian bought Hall’s in 1998, said Richard Walker, group marketing controller of pork.
“We’re hailing the relaunch as a great success of business planning and it has given us a record level of market share.”
The revamp involved a major redesign of the entire range of sausage and bacon products, as well as its haggis offering, after a review revealed the packaging had become tired and dated.
A sparkling new image was unveiled, aimed primarily at appealing to women, with an updated softened logo and colour photography on-pack. Walker said the relaunch was supported with extensive PR activity, ranging from involvement in things like Children in Need to activities with newspapers such as The Sun and Daily Record.
“We had significance success with research into haggis in America which revealed over half of the US believed haggis was a real animal. We got worldwide coverage.”
Availability had also been boosted through the use of instore merchandising teams. Bespoke promotional campaigns with the major retailers paid dividends, with record sales for Burns Night
Walker said Grampian would continue to push the Hall’s brand with PR activity, engaging the services of celebrity chef Nick Nairn. There would also be increased focus on added value products within the range.