The River Nene and River Swale organic veg box schemes are to be renamed Riverford to bring them into line with the more recognisable parent brand.

The schemes, based in Cambridgeshire and North Yorkshire, are part of the Riverford organic vegetable box franchise. However as separately owned entities they have not previously carried the Riverford name on their promotional material, bags or boxes.

Some customers were unaware of the companies' links to Riverford, said Guy Watson, founder of Riverford Organic Vegetables. Using the Riverford name instead would allow the schemes to take advantage of Riverford's high public profile, he added.

Although Watson had "a philosophical objection to the world being dominated by brands", he said the rebrand would deliver substantial savings in the long run as there would be no need for separate leaflets, bags and packaging for the two schemes.

Despite the name changes, which will be carried out later this month, the schemes would still operate autonomously and retain their local identity, said Watson.

Last week Watson revealed plans to open a restaurant in London. The fresh food entrepreneur also claimed that box schemes had been "remarkably resilient" in the downturn. Riverford's sales over the past three months were up year on year, he said.

In addition to the original Riverford Organic Vegetables farm in Devon, there are five other sites around the country, including Nene and Swale, which form part of the Riverford network.