The integration of Cadbury and Trebor Bassett has strengthened its place in the sugar confectionery market. Cadbury says its focus for sugar for 2002 is on product innovation and new merchandising techniques such as the Sweet Zone, a free-standing unit designed for kids' sweets and attractive pricing structures.

Mark Ogilvie, marketing manager for Chewits, says the brand has increased retail sales from £18m to £21m in the past two years. Earlier this year, Chewits' top selling Strawberry flavour was launched in a 150g bag of Chewits Stix, along with a new pack design.

Masterfoods' top selling sugar brands are Starburst and Skittles. Masterfoods extended its Starburst brand recently with the launch of Flipsters, Fruitennse, Sourburst and Factor X, while a mint variety was added to Skittles. The company also landed its first major licensing deal with the Harry Potter range and this year relaunched Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans as well as introducing sherbert lemons.

Haribo has launched topical lines regularly in response to new trends or playground crazes. Magic Mix was launched last year amid the Harry Potter phenomenon while Football Mix was re-released to coincide with the World Cup.