Safeway is firing some competition into the spirits market, claiming to be the first major British retailer to stock Larios gin. The brand, Spain's biggest selling gin, joins the multiple's line up now in what the retailer describes as an "exclusive deal". It is retailing at £10.49 for a 70cl bottle, or £13.99 for one litre, making it £1 and £2.30 cheaper than the retailer's price for market leader Gordon's. The spirit, which is classified as London Dry Gin, is described as drier than existing offerings with less predominant aromas. The retailer is also introducing two other newcomers to its shelves ­ Inferno Pepper Pot Vodka and Alize de France. The first of these contains two whole red chilli peppers, while the vodka itself is triple-distilled and cold filtered through charcoal. The brand's point of difference is that the peppers naturally infuse the vodka, adding a glow to the liquid and a sweet peppery flavours (rsp: £16.99). Meanwhile, cognac-based offering Alize de France is also rolling out now. It comes in two styles ­ Gold and Red. {{DRINKS }}