sainsburys shopping basket

Sainsbury’s is updating the self-service checkouts at all its 1,400 stores.

Around 1,000 Sainsbury’s stores have received the new software since the update started being rolled out in February.

Off the back of customer and employee feedback, software used in the checkouts will be modernised to make the checkouts more straightforward for customers to use and employees to manage. This includes reducing the number of buttons required to make purchases.

Sainsbury’s would not confirm what steps had been removed from the checkout’s software, but said the changes are designed to “improve the customer journey even further.”

The checkouts also have an environmentally-friendly change, with the option to choose whether or not to print a receipt.

“We are always looking at ways to make it even easier, quicker and more convenient for our customers to shop with us, whether that’s in-store or online,” said a Sainsbury’s spokeswoman. “We regularly listen to our customers and update our software to make sure we’re keeping up with changing shopping habits. We’re making our self-service checkouts even quicker and simpler to use and to make the journey as smooth as possible.”