Sainsbury Chief Executive Sir Peter Davis is bringing the cult of personality he established as the man from the Pru' into the multiple. Its new flagship London store, was unveiled on Thursday as "the personal brainchild" of Davis and second in command Robin Whitbread Retail Director Whitbread said: "We have put out the latest thinking on Sainsbury's branding in store, I think we have come up with a truly modern offer." The refurbished 41,000 sq ft store showcases an additional stock of 1,200 global speciality foods and 85 new wines aimed at the well heeled customer base. Non-perishable foods have been cut in favour of fresh and organic produce, and American sister company Shaw's-style concessions. Innovations at the store include a Yo-Sushi restaurant, baguette and baked potato takeaways, a Starbucks coffee shop, the first supermarket organic meat counter and a self serve olive bar. More unusual initiatives include "loose water" ­ spring water on tap, and pick and mix dried pasta. Parts of Cromwell Road's blueprint and 300 of its speciality products have already been introduced at 30 Sainsbury's nationwide. Whitbread said: "It was a risk to close down a very successful store for seven weeks for the major refit. But the new Sainsbury is decisive and not afraid to make difficult decisions." The new look is part of Davis pledge to "refresh the brand" and "make Sainsbury's special again" outlined in his annual report in May. {{NEWS }}