Sainsbury is to add a further 50 lines to its Blue Parrot Café range of food for children this summer. Sales of the range, which currently consists of 150 products, are set to exceed £45m this year. A spokeswoman said awareness of the range among customers was 78%, higher than all other Sainsbury's own label ranges at launch. She said sales were well ahead of targets and set for a further boost as the supermarket puts a new Jamie Oliver advertisement on air this week. The ad features Jamie, his wife, niece and nephew taking a trip to their local store to pick up a selection of Blue Parrot Café foods for a picnic at the zoo. The development of the range is part of Sainsbury's strategy to enhance its product offer for families. The brand promises to restrict colours and preservatives, use only natural flavour, control fat, especially saturated fat and salt, and not add flavour enhancers. It offers a choice of products sweetened with sugar or artificial sweeteners, and encourages the use of fruit and vegetables. {{NEWS }}