sainsburys misspelt chistmas banner

Sainsbury’s has apologised to customers after misspelling ‘Merry Christmas’ in several different ways on festive bunting.

In one case the bunting said ‘Merry Chrystmas’. Another said ‘Merrt Christmas’, a third said ‘Mmrry Christmas’ and a fourth read ‘Mersy Christmas’.

In a fifth case to come to light, Christmas was spelt ‘Chrirtmas’.

The mistakes emerged on Twitter as Sainsbury’s customers posted pictures of the misspelt Christmas banners.

One wrote: ‘Thanks @sainsburys! @_youhadonejob1’

Another said: ‘In Sainsbury’s, saw what I thought was a bargain, bought it, soon discovered why.’

Sainsbury’s replied: ‘This certainly isn’t the quality we expect our customers to receive, I apologise for this.’

“Our Christmas helpers clearly need to practise the elf-abet,” a Sainsbury’s spokeswoman told The Grocer.

The mistakes are said to have affected a very small number of the banners.