Sainsbury's Boutique cosmetics

Sainsbury’s Boutique cosmetics range launches in September

Sainsbury’s is launching a new own-label cosmetics range called Boutique in September.

The range, which includes nail polishes, lipsticks, lip gloss and eyeshadow, has been created, trialled and tested by professional make-up artists to ensure high pigmentation, easy application and staying power, Sainsbury’s said.

Shades in the range will be given ‘tongue-in-cheek’ names such as Grass Is Always Greener, Tickled Pink and Cat Got The Cream.

“We’re experts in understanding the diverse make-up needs of women and this insight coupled with Sainsbury’s understanding of their customers formed the basis of the Boutique range, which means we’re confident that every colour and product is what Sainsbury’s customers will want,” said Boutique make-up ambassador Sophia Price.

Sainsbury’s will also relaunch its skincare range, Skin Therapy, in September.