aerofoil fridge

Aerofoil fridge

Sainsbury’s has become one of the first adopters of a technology used to design aircraft wings to make its refrigeration at least 20% more efficient.

Fridgeland UK sister company Aerofoil Energy’s aerofoil strips can be fitted to the shelf edges of supermarket fridges and could save adopters millions of pounds, it claims.

The Aerofoils, which help prevent cold air spillage and reduce wasteful mixing of warm and cold air, are now working in Sainsbury’s Buckingham Local outlet where the chain is testing the product with a view to using it in more stores.

Aerofoils Energy said it was “a long way” into talks with several other retailers and had trial sites in several retail groups booked to begin in the next few weeks.

Aerofoils MD Paul McAndrew claimed the product could save even more energy - perhaps up to 30% to 35% - but added: “We also have to balance energy against what looks good and is practical.”