Sainsburys Store LED lighting

Sainsbury’s is set to be the first grocer to power all its sites entirely by LED lighting after partnering with Current, powered by GE.

The deal will see 250,000 new LED fixtures introduced in the supermarket upgrade covering more than 450 stores by 2020.

This will result in Sainsbury’s lighting energy consumption being cut by 58%. Greenhouse gas emissions will be cut by more than 3.4% annually.

The project will support the supermarket’s Sustainability Plan, which calls for a reduction in absolute carbon emissions by 30% compared with 2005 baseline levels. To date, Sainsbury’s has already cut absolute carbon emissions by more than 20% and is on track to achieve its 2020 target.

“At Sainsbury’s we’re committed to lowering the carbon emissions of our stores, so we’re proud to be the first supermarket to switch our large stores entirely to LED lighting. We’re always looking for new ways of achieving our sustainability goals, and switching to LED lighting is a big step in the right direction,” said Paul Crewe, Sainsbury’s head of sustainability, energy, engineering & environment.

“We’ve almost halved the carbon emissions of our stores since 2005, and in the last 12 months reduced our electricity use by 11.6% despite growing our operation by 54.2%. This step will enable us to make significant reductions in carbon emissions.”

Pete Lau, CEO of Current’s European operations, said: “For years, Sainsbury’s has placed itself on a trajectory toward reducing its impact on the environment. At Current, we believe the adoption of energy efficient technology can be a core piece of building not only a more sustainable business, but also a more profitable one.”