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The 2,000 sq ft Habitat stores will showcase an “edited range” inside Sainsbury’s main stores

Sainsbury’s is opening four new Mini Habitat stores over the next month.

The four new stores will open in Sainsbury’s branches in York (Monks Cross), Manchester (Cheadle), Newcastle (Heaton) and London (Wandsworth) by mid-November.

The openings will mean Sainsbury’s has a total of 10 Mini Habitats across its network.

Sainsbury’s first trialled the format back in 2016 following the acquisition of Home Retail Group.

The 2,000 sq ft stores showcase an “edited range” of 600 Habitat products alongside in-store iPads and digital screens that enable customers to order from the entire 4,500-strong range.

Products can either be delivered to customers’ homes or picked up from one of 2,000 click & collect locations.

Habitat managing director Clare Askem said the brand had “learned lots of lessons” from its initial six Mini stores in Sainsbury’s.

“We’ve refined our product range based on customer feedback, while our in-store visual merchandising and service proposition has been adapted to what customers want on a ‘weekly shop’ basis,” she said.

“Our customers increasingly want choice, flexibility and speed and we are evolving the brand into a truly multichannel business that allows customers to shop how and when they want - be that online, in-store or a combination of the two.”