A new 'ethical' milk sourced from higher-welfare cows and packaged in a new recyclable pouch is being trialled in 35 Sainsbury's stores.

Developed by the Contented Cow Company, Freedom Food-certified Precious Milk went into stores last week.

The products are packaged in recyclable Ecolean pouches made partially from calcium carbonate and featuring a handle filled with compressed air, so the packaging can double up as a jug.

The latest trial follows an earlier one in Sainsbury's, which hit difficulties when the target shelf-life was not being achieved. A processing glitch had now been resolved, said a Contented Cow spokesman. The company aims to improve its cows' wellbeing through mineral and Omega-3 enriched nutrition.

n Sainsbury's has started offering own branded milk in a bag across 35 stores. The recyclable bag will be sold alongside a reusable jug.