Sainsbury's is the latest supermarket to push wine-by-the-case sales as part of a revamped online offer.

Last month Asda indicated it s plan to mirror the success of Majestic Wine Warehouses by looking at by-the-case sales.

Sainsbury's plans to expand the number of wines available to buy this way from 150 to 500. It has also introduced a fine wine selection, will be offering a range of mixed cases and is launching a gifting service .

"We are offering much more this Christmas on our Wine By The Case link on our website," said a spokeswoman. "We've expanded our repertoire and added the gift service, which, together with an easy, convenient delivery to your door, makes the website the first stop for Christmas drinks shoppers."

The new fine wine portfolio includes wines from the Old and New Worlds as well as vintage Champagnes. All the wines come with tasting notes and food recommendations.

On the gifting side, the retailer is offering a range of wines and spirits, including premium whiskies and ports, all of which will come in a presentation box, and a gift messaging service is also available.

Exclusive to Sainsbury's is a limited-edition bottling in Jack Daniel's Single Barrel. Only 240 bottles are available and will be released in early November with an rsp of £39.99.

Beers can also be bought from the website, either in multipacks or in a keg, ready for the party season, said the retailer.