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    Focus On Cheese: Innovations


    Davidstow emerged from the own-label shadows this year after Dairy Crest decided to launch Davidstow Cheddar as a brand in its own right.

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    Dairy Crest in coup over Arla with Tesco milk supply contract


    Dairy Crest's tit for tat with rival Arla Foods continued this week as it landed a new milk supply contract with Tesco. Dairy Crest will supply 50 million litres of milk to Tesco from 6 December as part of the new deal, it confirmed, as...


    Cathedral City offers seasonal packaging


    Dairy Crest is giving packs of Cathedral City a seasonal facelift to ensure the brand stands out from its rivals in this year's pre-Christmas cheese-buying frenzy. The seasonal packaging will roll out across all retailers from 1...


    Dairy Crest raises stakes in cheese brands market


    Dairy Crest has launched Davidstow Cheddar as a standalone brand in a bid to increase its share of the branded Cheddar market.

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    Dairy Crest to cut carbon 12% using biomass


    Dairy Crest is to install two biomass boilers at its Davidstow creamery, reducing the company's carbon emissions by 12%. The boilers, which will cost £3.2m to install, will be fuelled by wood pellets from Yorkshire. Dairy Crest claimed...

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    Wiseman and Dairy Crest announce profit growth


    Improved prices for bulk cream and volume gains on fresh milk have boosted profits at Robert Wiseman Dairies and Dairy Crest.Robert Wiseman this week announced a 59.9% uplift in pre-tax profits to £49.2m for the year to 3 April. It also...

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    Vitalite gets in shape to increase its appeal


    Dairy Crest is ditching its traditional round and shallow Vitalite tub after 27 years in favour of a similar format to Utterly Butterly. Vitalite's branding will remain the same and it will continue to use the green and yellow colours...

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    The improved Jugit arrives at Sainsbury’s


    Dairy Crest has rolled out its redeveloped Jugit milk jug concept alongside Sainsbury's extension of the milk bags system.The new jugs have a spout that is easier to remove and clean, as well as a removable handle for people with minimal...


    Frijj gets frisky with Swamp Soccerettes


    Dairy Crest is using dirty tricks in its latest bid to tempt shoppers into the Frijj milkshake range.


    Success of top brands offsets Dairy Crest sales dip


    Dairy Crest has hailed strong performances from key brands including Cathedral City, Clover and Frijj despite a dip in overall sales for the year to date.

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    Dairy Crest reduces its stake in Wexford


    Dairy Crest is to offload 9m worth of shares in Wexford Creamery in a move to further cut debt.The transaction, which is expected to be completed by March, will see Dairy Crest's shareholding in the Irish cheese, cream and milk supplier...

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    Picture This... Clover is proud to be in the centre


    In the week in which a top surgeon outraged butter lovers by saying they should switch to spreads, Dairy Crest has launched a raft of marketing emphasising Clover's position as a product that appeals to both butter and spreads fans.

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    Top Products 2009: Dairy (butters & spreads)


    Shoppers have turned into deal junkies

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    Dairy Crest to buy more milk from direct suppliers


    Dairy Crest is planning a radical shake-up of its milk supply chain to bring stability and allow it to pay farmers more money.Britain's biggest dairy company, which has been conducting a year-long review of its milk procurement policy,...

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    Dairy Crest and Wiseman post strong profit growth


    Two of Britain's largest dairy companies have reported sharp uplifts in profits, raising hopes the outlook for the dairy market is starting to improve.In the past week, processors Dairy Crest and Robert Wiseman have both announced...

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    Frijj pushed as a heated winter drink


    Dairy Crest is taking on the hot chocolate market by promoting Frijj's credentials as a winter drink. New packaging for the Frijj chocolate fudge brownie milkshake will feature heating instructions together with the strap 'try me hot'...


    Postlethwaite capture for Cathedral City


    Dairy Crest has hired another iconic British star to front one of its major brands by signing up Oscar-nominated actor Pete Postlethwaite to promote Cathedral City.

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    Baileys plus Dairy Crest equals cream


    Dairy Crest has teamed up with Diageo to launch a range of Baileys products aimed at invigorating the flavoured cream market.The Extra Thick Cream, launched this week, comes in Baileys Original Irish Cream and Baileys with a Hint of...

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    Cathedral City sets out to be Heinz Beanz of cheese


    Dairy Crest has kicked off a multi-million pound bid to establish Cathedral City as the Heinz Baked Beanz of the dairy category with a £10m relaunch.Starting in November, the three-phase strategy will encompass a packaging and logo...

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    Dairy Crest benefits from new milk deals


    New milk contract wins and branded growth continue to boost Dairy Crest's fortunes.Milk sales to major retail customers have risen 10% in the past six months compared with the same period last year, the company revealed this week.