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    Fairtrade: A fairer share for all


    Bananas, Dairy Milk and even condoms (in Waitrose from this week). It’s official – Fairtrade’s gone mainstream. But how much are farmers benefiting? Ahead of Fairtrade Fortnight, Beth Phillips visited a cocoa co-operative in Ghana and Sarah Butler met coffee farmers in Uganda to find out

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    Is Asda paying the price for not joining the loyalty club?


    Asda lost market share over the festive period, when Clubcard activity boosted Tesco’s sales. Is Asda’s attitude to such schemes changing, asks Sarah Butler

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    Focus On Jams, Preserves & Honey: The problem spreads


    The rising cost of key raw materials has pushed the price of jams and honey unpalatably high, forcing cash-strapped and busy shoppers to turn their backs on pricey preserves in favour of cereals, says Sarah Butler


    Clubcard 1 was Tesco’s Lethal Weapon. What of the sequel?


    No expense has been spared with the remake of Tesco's blokcbuster Clubcard. But will the gamble on a double-points loyalty card prove an expensive flop? Sarah Butler reports

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    Swine flu HQ


    Now the health authorities have asked supermarkets to act as collection points for antiviral drugs, will stores start to play a more central role in tackling the swine flu pandemic? Alex Black and Sarah Butler report

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    Targeting fat towns


    Nine English towns are each to receive a share of a £30m pot as part of the Government’s assault on obesity. Sarah Butler asks just how worthwhile the venture is

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    The new green gauge


    The next generation of green changes not only benefit the environment but make good business sense too. Sarah Butler reports

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    Should Sainsbury’s fear the hard discounters?


    While headlines suggest middle-class shoppers are flocking in their 4x4s to Aldi and Lidl, the true picture may not be so simple, reports Sarah Butler

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    What's in a filling? Well, you're about to find out


    Fancy a reformed chicken sandwich? Or one containing ham made from 5% water? They don't sound too enticing, do they? Yet, these are exactly the sort of descriptions that could soon become the norm on the front of sandwich packs if proposals made...

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    He may be retired, but he's not retiring


    Sir Ken Morrison may have finally retired from the supermarket chain he built, but at the annual shareholder meeting earlier this month he showed he's not going to sink into oblivion. Couched in his typical jocular style, the feisty...