• Total sauces and condiments has seen growth of 4.3% on last year, with condiments up 5.0% and sauces 4.2%. Sauces remain the dominant sector, holding 82% of spend compared with condiments’ 19.9%. The shares have remained consistent across the past few years.
  • Within condiments, growth has mainly been driven by cranberry sauce/jelly and mint sauce/jelly, specifically within the branded area. Both would typically be served with a Sunday roast, which emphasises that people are still trying to save money by eating in and having more family dinners. Many retailers have promoted roast dinners and joints as cost-effective through, for example, feeding the family recipes or £5/£10 offers, and have promoted the use of leftovers.
  • Within sauces, Worcester sauce is seeing the largest decline at 19.6%. However it has a low frequency rate, so it’s not bought as often and remains as cupboard stock in most households.
  • Both ketchup and mayonnaise have strong market leaders and continue to see more new products added and developed.

Jemma Wooley