Pizza specialist Schwan's is moving its Chicago Town brand into a new market next month with the launch of Scrambles mini hot breakfast products. The move aims at harnessing the potential of the frozen breakfast market which Schwan's sees as hugely underdeveloped. Its major market, frozen pizza, has faced strong competition from chilled products in recent years. Made with scrambled egg and cheese in a deep dish pizza-like crust, Scrambles come in Bacon or Sausage varieties. They can be oven-cooked or microwaved in three minutes and are aimed at time pressured families, who would like a cooked breakfast but don't have time to prepare it, as well as single convenience food junkies'. Dispatched from April 22, the products will be launched with instore promotions. "The aim is to generate mass trial of a new category by lowering the barrier to entry," said Ben Johnson, European marketing controller. The company is also talking to pub chains about possible promotions around the World Cup in June, as many of the matches take place in the morning. "This is real innovation, a new product in a new market," said Johnson. "Frozen and breakfast have rarely been part of the same sentence, but all it needed was a microwave and some consumer insight." Rsp: £1.99, two-pack. {{P&P }}